If you’re an essential worker and your employer is not abiding by the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you have options to help protect yourself. All over the country, employers are being called out for how they are treating their workers in this time of crisis, and it’s important to voice your own concerns, as well.

Your first step: report the situation to your manager, to your human resources director, and to whomever else you can. Next, report the situation to the Department of Labor. OSHA needs to be aware of the conditions in the workplace, and you even have the option to remain anonymous in your complaint so that your position is not on the line.

Mike Maslanka, law professor at the University of North Texas at Dallas, says that employees who contract the novel coronavirus at work are eligible to apply for workers’ compensation.

“If they put you in harm’s way maliciously, then they’re liable. They’re liable,” says Maslanka for the CBS Local article.

We’re still open and ready to hear from you. If you have any questions about your rights as a worker or if you’ve been injured or sickened on the job, we can talk to you by phone, FaceTime, or email.

Don’t let your employer put you in harm’s way. You still have rights, and your safety should still be number one.