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At the Espinoza Law Firm we promise to listen to you, then give you clear legal direction. Not to mention, advice in plain and everyday language. We are firm that has years of experience and knowledge with work injury cases. For this reason, we know that we will handle your case with pride and quality work.



“Born to first generation immigrants, I’ve known what it’s like to overcome very difficult challenges. My father, a construction worker, and my mother, a housewife all of her life, came to a foreign country without knowing the language or the culture and instilled in me the value of hard work and determination. I have taken their example to heart in everything I do, especially the practice of law.I have made a conscious decision to side with you and not big business or the insurance company. If you’re hiring me, it’s because you have been wronged, whether you’re a business or an individual, you seek justice in your situation. I have dedicated my legal career to fight at your side for justice.”  —–Javier Espinoza



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