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Non- Subscriber Work Injuries


– Non-Subscriber Claims

If an employee suffers a work injury, some employers carry separate insurance that provides for some lost wages and medical care, which is known as a “benefit plan.” However, Texas law allows an injured employee to recover for past medical bills and past lost wages and future medical care and expenses.




Nevertheless, employees have the ability to make claims in state or federal court in the form of a lawsuit against their employer. However, more often we see employers forcing employees into arbitration. When employees begin working for a new company, they usually sign numerous papers that include booklets and manuals. Among these booklets, there is often an “Agreement to Arbitrate” document, which most employees sign without asking questions. Most of the time it is non-negotiable to the employment.

By signing these agreements, employees agree to relinquish any claims in local courts.  Instead, the lawsuit goes to arbitration. Employees can make claims with arbitration associations, such as the American Arbitration Association or Judicial Workplace Arbitration. However, in these cases, you will not have the opportunity to present your you case in front of a jury. Instead, you must present your case to a single Arbitrator or group of Arbitrators. Whether we bring your case in a courtroom or through arbitration, our office handles litigation work injury claims and has a successful track record to prove it.

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