The Top Questions That You Need to Ask Your San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

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February 7, 2014

Personal injury cases can be difficult to work through, as the circumstances and details can vary greatly from case to case. Personal injury cases come in many different forms and the types of injuries that lawyers see can vary from something as simple as a broken limb, to more complicated cases that result in serious brain injury or other types of permanent disabilities and even death. The main question to consider in evaluating a personal injury is, did someone else’s negligence cause you injury, and was the injury preventable?

Choosing the right San Antonio personal injury lawyer for your case is crucial to getting a fair shot at winning.  And when it comes to your health and your future financial situation, it definitely pays to do your homework before choosing your lawyer.  An incredibly important question to ask is what kind of education and personal injury experience they have.  While all lawyers are trained in the fundamentals of law, not everyone specializes in personal injury law.  Since these types of case can be very difficult to navigate, it definitely pays to find a team that is already well-versed in personal injury cases like yours.

Another big question you should always ask an attorney before hiring them to represent you in a personal injury case is pretty simple:  “How many injury cases have you tried to a judge or jury?”  While no lawyer can predict the future, those with true litigation experience can assess the true value of your case, not the quick settlement value of your case.

Finally, ask about fees and expenses that may apply to your case.  It’s a good idea to be informed about how much the process may cost in order to avoid uncomfortable situations further on down the road.  And remember, that when it comes to your and your family’s livelihood in this type of situation, cheaper is rarely ever better.  Good attorneys know their worth and value, you should not compromise yours.