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Third Party Work Injury


– Third Party Work Injury

Third-Party Work Injuries generally occur at multi-employer worksites. For instance, on a commercial or residential construction site or in the oilfield. Work injuries happen by the negligence of a “third party” on the worksite. The “third party” is generally responsible for your work injury. There are a few factors to consider. Subsequently, a work injury happens by another employee of another contractor. Contractors at the worksite can create dangerous situations for a worker. As a result, you may bring a non-subscriber claim or receive workers’ compensation benefits from your employer and file a third-party injury claim against the responsible company.

Construction Site Injuries

Injuries on construction sites are common. Our office has years of experience representing work injuries and innocent bystanders due to accidents on construction job sites. Section 1926 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates construction work sites. We represent clients in forklift injuries, scaffolding accidents, ladder accidents, construction machinery accidents, loader tractor accidents, bobcat tractor accidents, excavator accidents, and other heavy machinery accidents.


Oilfield Injuries

Keep in mind that Workers’ Compensation has a cap and does not fully compensate you for your injuries. If you suffer a work injury as an oil field worker in Texas, you can receive additional benefits other than Workers’ Compensation.

If your employer has Workers’ Compensation insurance, you cannot file a lawsuit for the injury. However, you can potentially bring a third-party lawsuit for someone else’s negligence or another company that causes the injury. You may have a claim against them for additional damages to cover your losses.


Example of Oilfield Injuries


Falls from heights or slip and falls.


Fires and explosions.


Collapsed rigs.


On-the-job truck accidents.


Defective machinery injuries.


Electrocution/Electrical shock.


Toxic fumes exposure.

Final Result

Additionally, we are also familiar with the catastrophic injuries common in oilfield accidents, including death, severe burns, herniated spinal discs, broken bones and shoulder injuries. Our legal team fights to obtain a maximum recovery for families who tragically lost loved ones in fatal oilfield accidents or suffered severe injuries. We promptly investigate evidence to understand factors that led to catastrophic and even fatal oilfield injuries.

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