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Areas of Practice

Non-Subscriber Work Injuries

We are familiar with the catastrophic injuries and companies who do not carry Workers’ Compensations. For this reason, our legal team specializes with work injury claims.

Third Party Work Injuries

We represent injured employees against negligent companies. Sometimes work injuries happen by a “third party” on the worksite. 

Retaliation for filing a Workers' Compensation Claim

We file claims against companies that fire employees who sustain an on-the-job injury.

Workers' Compensation Claims

We fight for Workers’ Compensation benefits and medical treatment.

Auto Accidents

Insurance companies typically undermine any injuries. In addition they try to settle for less and underpay you for your property damage. Therefore, our office handles auto accidents like any other litigation case.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Being that 18-wheeler’s are a huge part of the nation’s economy, especially here in Texas. Their substantial size create the potential for serious traffic accidents even deaths.

Contact Us About Your Potential Case

Keep in mind that our work injury lawyers handle cases throughout the state of Texas.  We can help you with your workers’ compensation benefits. We can seek compensation for all damages for your on the job injury through a non-subscriber claim against your employer or by bringing a claim against another company responsible for your injury, when your employer is not at fault. We also can bring a wrongful termination claim against your employer if your were fired after your injury. We realize you have a choice and our promise is to make YOU our priority, because to us you are family. 

This law firm gets it done! With the utmost professionalism and perseverance. The staff is friendly as well. They always took time out of their busy day to speak with us and keep us up to date on our case. And most of all, they win! I would recommend this firm to anyone wanting real results!

- Michella Loving

Everyone we have worked with at this firm has been incredibly professional, friendly and caring. I appreciate their sense of urgency in making sure my mom received the level of care she needed and completely understood the process. I would 100% recommend them to friends and family.”

- Rosemarie Navarro

Thank you, to the Espinoza law firm, for treating me with compassion and understanding, my situation. The service was excellent, courteous and professional. I highly recommend the Espinoza law firm and their staff.”

- Taylor Helton

Did you suffer a work injury?

Call us for a free consultation. Your not alone, our attorneys have been litigating work injury cases for many years. Rest assure that we are here to help every step of the way.

What is Workers’ Compensation?


Through the workers’ compensation system, an injured employee is entitled to limited wage replacement (usually 60-70% your median salary) and medical care for the injury, regardless of whose fault it was that caused your work injury. Whit this in mind, we have seen  insurance companies fight your claim for any possible reason. Before this happens contact our office for a free consultation (210)229-1300